Setting The Base For Recovery

Getting back into training mindset on my own is proving to be difficult.  An hour on a trainer by yourself is akin to torture.  So I am trying to figure out ways to ramp things up a bit.  The first is to tackle my energy level and I found a solution that I wanted to pass on.  One of the problems with being injured is that you lose motivation and you start to gain weight.  Weight is gained because your not moving as much but the diet also doesn’t help either.

I was dealing with feeling sluggish all day and had no energy to work out.  I started to try various things such as supplements, diet change and other things.  I started to look into this idea of fixing the bacteria in my belly and see if that would help.  I am often skeptical of studies because you never know what is true.  So I signed up for the GoodBelly 12 day Belly Reboot.  I don’t normally gush over a product but I learned a lot from doing this.

First i’ll explain a little bit about what this reboot is all about.  GoodBelly has no dairy so it is very easy on your stomach.  It contains a lot of pro-biotics that support the bacteria in your belly.  Don’t want to explain to much and sound like a commercial but it tastes good and seems to be effective.  They even send you daily emails explaining what is happening during those days.  It is a really well run program plus the coupons are nice.

The results of the 12 days were drastic.  No I did not lose 100 lbs or any weight really but the results were clear.  My stomach felt great I had less days of feeling distress of any kind. I was less tired and more alert and this was probably the most notable change.  I really feel this works well and would recommend it as a good start and for forming a base of nutrition.

My new adventure is the Keto diet gonna try this and see how it works.  I have been on my bike again so I am very excited about that.  Now to find an app that makes biking more fun.

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